Newborn photos can be time consuming so prepare for a 2-4-hour session, more likely the 4 hour being more accurate.

 Babies change their looks so fast that the first look they had when they were first born will soon be gone. To avoid missing out on the precious time I advise to book your session while you're pregnant, the date can be booked around the due date. The session must be done within the first 2 weeks of a baby’s life, preferable between day 6-12. This is when the baby is still sleepy and has the womb like look and curl. Once the baby arrives you can give me a call and I can to set a specific date of the session.

If your just noticing newborn photography and you’re within the 2-week time frame call and I can try to accommodate you. In rate cases older babies will photograph as newborn but be advised that is not very often and if your wanting photos of an older baby they will different.  There may be more awake photos and poses are limited.

I can take into consideration on your color preferences and favorite poses and sets you may have in mind, but at the end of the day I am bound to what the baby has in store, not all babies like to be photographed in all positions.


Older siblings can be photographed with the new bundle for 1 or 2 images depending on their age and ability to handle the new baby. I suggest if wanting a sibling to be included to schedule the sibling to attend at the begging or end of the session as they will not want to sit for a long period of time.