Portraits can be anywhere from a single person to family portraits.

I have studio backdrops in several different colors and a beautiful garden for outdoor family sessions (weather depending of course).

Studio portraits are great using professional lighting and a clean minimal background great for a small family or single portrait use. The studio also has amazing natural lighting and can be used for family portraits.



What to wear:

If you would like to wear traditional cultural clothing - you are more than welcome to!

Choosing simple-colored clothing is key in a group or family portrait - too many colors and patterns will cause clutter and will distract the focus away from faces. No one person should dominate the portrait - it's important for groups to coordinate their clothing color and style. Everyone in the photo should be dressed in the same style - whether formal or informal.  

Tops: Long sleeves are ideal to keep the focus on faces. If you're not sure, bring a selection of white/light-colored tops and a selection of black/dark-colored tops. Dark tops are generally best, as dark is slimming. Avoid one person dressing in a strong color unless you want this person to be the focus of the shoot.

However, in saying all this, please feel free to bring your favorite clothes in any style/color/pattern, especially if children are involved. We all have different personalities and there’s plenty of time to explore several styles!